History of Marble Inlay Work & Parchinkari Inlay Art “The Art of Love”

History of Marble Inlay Work & Parchinkari Inlay Art

 Marble Inlay Work:This Inlay art is a remarkable feature of Mughal designs $ architecture in India and it widely appreciated due to its respective origin and development.This art was  first  practiced during the rule of Shah  Jahan ,that Agra reached the peak of its glory as the city of immortal architecture.And the best example which is remarkable and best example of this art was represented as TAJ MAHAL . Of all the Mughal Emperors SHAH JAHAN was the great patron of architecture in India.For him no amount of money or time was too much to create this enduring and everlasting architectural beauty through it be remebered always.TAJ is the only builingthat one feels the most compelled to make the connection between Mughal art and PIETRA DURA.

Marble Inlay Work

TAJ MAHAL ,a cenotaph of Mughal Emeror SHAH JAHAN $ his wife MUMTAZ MAHAL,in its self an admirred Masterpiece of MARBLE INLAY ART.This craftwork or technique technically known as PIETRA DURA (Italian: Hard Stone) or PARCHINKARI.The thing that make this work different from other kinds of designing and architecture is that,the craftwork is totally done by skilled workers by their hands i.e.It is HANDMADE PURELY..last but not the least this feature of this art give it the technique and motifsthat are today THE CROWN OF INDIAN ART.

Taj Mahal

TAJ MAHAL  is the first notable building in white marble with its rich ornamentation in PIETRA DURA that provides the impression of a miniature precious object magnified into a piece of architecture. It represents the transition from the red sandstone phase of Akbar’s buildings with their direct simplicity and robustness of structural design to that of sumptuous marble with all the changes.. It is not surprising that the buildings Marble inlay-Pachchikari or Parchinkari is one of the most beautiful and popular forms of Indian Mughal art and developed indigenously here.

Marble Inlay Work
Parchinkari Inlay Work

Mughal Inlay art is not an isolated phenomenon; it might have traveled over long distances before having been introduced into India and before being adopted in such a refined way by the Mughals.This technique of creating intricate inlaid pictures usually refers to as PIETRA DURA and is gone by carving or shaping different coloured precious and semi-precious stones like LAPIS-LAZULLI,CORNELIAN,TURQUOISE,CORAL,PAUSHELL,MOTHER OF PEARL,AGATES,JASPER,MALACHITE,ONYX and TOPAS. This craft was developed in antiquity and was originally done by shaping of stones with small saws,wires and other metal sheets.Then these shaped stones  inlaid in the uppermost layer of decorative marble objects such as table tops,vases,fruit bowls,pots,jewellery boxes,small sculptures and animal figurines.The delicate process of  Marble Inlay Work also engraving marble shapes manually and with predefined patterns such as floral designs,vegetative motifs,symmetrical geometrical designs slipped in the grooves of marble sheet or slabs.The  elements which are slipped into marble grooves can be grouped as Arabian CALLIGRAPHY,floral patterns,vegetative motifs,animal figurines and sculptures.In this technique  marble is decorated with highly stylised ways.And the thing which amazed us is that this unique and antique art is only done by hands without any machinery tools.This artwork is incomplete without the most important one ,’OUR highly skillled workers ” which give their whole to make i an antique craftwork. Without them it is not possible to keep this art remain alive .

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