Marble Inlaid Coffee & Dining Table Tops

Marble Inlaid Coffee & Dining Table Tops…..

Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops is a home Decor Product which is inspired by the art from the times of Mughal and this art is known as Inlay work or Parchinkari.Inlay Marble Crafts are benefactor of Inlay Art or Parchinkari or Pietra Dura and various articles of marble inlay like Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops. We began as a Small Factory in 1990 with just five craftsmen working in a factory.We develop step by step by buckling down and set up a tremendous industrial facility in which around 50 craftsman worked and now we make a major system of craftsman working in Agra. Hundred of articles having a bit of workmanship that decorated TajMahal and other Mughal Monuments has been made by various craftsman to protect this remarkable and a classical workmanship.There are lot of products are prepared which adorns this art and one of the major product is Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops.Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops

Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops

Individuals originate from everywhere throughout the world value this craftsmanship in the wake of seeing the excellence of this workmanship. They want to have the Articles of this art.We are here to give you the bits of this enlivened art.The articles we made are set up by high gifted craftsmans in our premises.This workmanship has been endowed to the craftsmans by their ancestors,who took in this craftsmanship from craftsmans of the Mughal time.Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops

We take the nature of or item truly and buy finest quality marble from Makhrana town in Rajasthan.

Genuine quality, uncommon and chose excellent semi-valuable stones with very handled strategy are utilized to trimmed in Marble Inlaid  Decorative Articles.

We are the producer of different sorts of Marble Inlaid Table Tops, Stone Inlay Table Tops, Marble Inlaid Coffee Table Tops, Marble Center Table Top, Chess Design Inlay Table Tops, Semi Precious Stone Inlay and Gemstone Overlay Table Tops situated in Agra, India.

We makes these Table Tops according to the modify sizes and configuration need of client.

We Makes these Marble Inlaid Table Tops in various sizes and examples like Round Marble Inlaid Table Tops, Octagonal Marble Inlay Table Tops,Rectangular Marble Inlay Table Tops,Square Marble Inlay Table Tops, Marble Inlaid Dining Table Tops.Read more about:A Collection of “””””Antique Marble Inlay Table Tops””

We utilize profoundly particular semi-valuable stones in trim work in our Pietra dura table best. Pau Shell , Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Turquoise, Coral, Carnelian, Amethyst, Jade Stone, agate stone, variscite, Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Jasper and so on stones.


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