Marble Inlay Box “A Marble Article for Home Decor””‘

Marble Inlay Box “A Marble Article for Home Decor””‘

Marble Inlay Box are one of the product from a huge varieties of marble inlay products are made like Marble Inlay Table Tops,Marble Inlay Boxes, Marble Inlay Vases, Marble Inlay Animal Figurines ,Marble Inlay Trays and so many varieties of products are made to keep this art remain alive.

Inlay Marble Crafts are benefactor of Inlay Art or Parchinkari or Pietra Dura . We began as a Small Factory in 1990 with just five craftsmans working in a factory.We develop step by step by buckling down and set up a tremendous industrial facility in which around 50 craftsmans worked and now we make a major system of craftsmans working in Agra. Hundred of articles having a bit of workmanship that decorated Taj Mahal and other Mughal Monuments has been made by various craftsmans to protect this remarkable and a classical workmanship.Marble Inlay Box

Individuals originate from everywhere throughout the world value this craftsmanship in the wake of seeing the excellence of this workmanship. They want to have the Articles of this art.We are here to give you the bits of this enlivened art.The articles we made are set up by high gifted craftsmans in our premises.This workmanship has been endowed to the craftsmans by their ancestors,who took in this craftsmanship from craftsmans of the Mughal time.Marble Inlay Round Box


We take the nature of or item truly and buy finest quality marble from Makhrana town in Rajasthan.

Genuine quality, uncommon and chose excellent semi-valuable stones with very handled strategy are utilized to trimmed in Marble Inlay Box a Decorative Articles.As a famous venture, we make and supply a preeminent class accumulation of Lapiz Lazuli Marble Inlay Box.  The offered decorate box is planned with present day strategies in satisfaction with set gauges.  This decorate enclose is given quality pressing with a specific end goal to guarantee its imperfection free supply amid travel. Additionally, we are giving our Marble inlay boxes  ,decorate confine distinctive sizes and tweaked alternatives to take care of the changed demand of customer base.


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